Understanding how to tell the time with clarity is an essential skill every child should have. Whether you’re catching the bus, attending an appointment or cooking a simple meal, time telling ability is required. Without it, your child’s potential in life can become restricted by not learning this easily taught skill.

With recent reports suggesting that up to one in seven Britons are unable to read analog time, we want to change that. Through our playful designs and easy three step teaching system, we want to encourage more parents to help their children learn to tell the time for their own benefit.

Learning a New Skill

Our time teaching watches encourage independent learning among children. Through solo learning it can encourage a child’s confidence to grow and help to develop other skills.

Our Past & To Wrist Watches are designed for on the go practise, with a clear 3 step teaching system:

  • Step One: Read the number that the long hand is pointing to.
  • Step Two: Say which side of the clock the long hand is pointing to – minutes past, or minutes to.
  • Step Three: Read the number that the short hand is pointing to.

Once they have mastered telling the time, it can help your child develop skills in time management, communication, planning and independence. Further to this, it can encourage your child to become more time efficient and productive as they grow.

Preparing for School Summer Holidays

Finding learning resources for the summer holidays is a great way to keep your child in the learning mindset. It can keep them occupied during their long break and help them to get ahead before the new school year.

As we know most summer holidays are filled with energetic outdoor activities, which is no problem for our Waterproof Time Teaching Watches. Have confidence in our long lasting designs, featuring scratch resistant glass and waterproof technology.

Finding Your Child’s Perfect Watch

We have a handful of designs to choose from in our waterproof range. For straps you can choose between a dark navy blue or a vibrant, playful purple. Then choose between rainbow clock faces or colour coordinated sections.

Shop Waterproof Time Teaching Watches Today

At Easy Read Time Teacher our range of analog clocks and wrist watches are suitable for both home and classroom learning. Available in Europe, Australasia and North America, click here to shop our Waterproof Time Teaching Watches today.


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