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Waterproof watch, ideal for active children. The clear face design and simple teaching method make it easy to learn to tell the time – even in the swimming pool!  Worn every day, your child will be able to practice their new skill wherever they go. The stainless steel watch case has scratch-resistant glass and is 33 mm (1.25 inch) in diameter.  The watch dial is 28 mm diameter (1.125 inch).  The washable nylon strap is 22.5 cm long and 16 mm wide.  It fits wrists from 12 cm to 18 cm circumference (small child to medium adult). Suitable for all water-based activities, although not recommended to wear in a hot bath. Waterproof to 50m.

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Weight 0.062 kg
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 1.5 cm

12/24 Hour, Past & To


Rainbow Face, Red & Blue Face


Navy Blue, Purple


non allergenic plating, Stainless steel back


Seiko PC21s




1 x SR626SW

Batteries included?

Yes, installed

13 reviews for Watches – Waterproof

  1. Kaye Sartini (verified owner)

    Fabulous product! Great delivery experience. This is for our 7 year old son, it looks grown up enough for him & uses an easy to understand system. He loves it!! I’m going to purchase extra straps for him too!

    • Sue

      That’s great, thanks for letting us know 🙂

  2. Norma Stocks (verified owner)

    Excellent prompt service, we bought this watch for our grandson which looks very stylish and will be a great help to him as he has dyslexia. Will be ordering again in future for our other grandson.

    • Sue

      Thank you 🙂

  3. Simon

    Where’s the price?

    • Sue

      Hi Simon, you should be able to see the price on the product page of our website. The price in the UK for a waterproof watch is £35 including VAT. If you’re looking on a phone, the price displays at the bottom of the scrren. Hope that helps.

  4. Sabrina (verified owner)

    My 6yr LOVES this watch! After a few tries, she exclaimed in excitement that she’s telling the time! She’s understanding and getting it because it’s so clear! And she loves the colours! Thank you!

    • Sue

      Thanks for the lovely comment. Happy Time Teaching

  5. Jan (verified owner)

    Excellent present for bright granddaughter in reception class. Very easy to out read the correct time, and the design of it is lovely. Only wish there were more colour choices of strap in the waterproof version. I bought the purple, which is lovely, but know a red or orange strap would be granddaughter’s first choice.

    • Eve Horne

      Hi Jan,
      Thank you so much for your comments, glad you love it. We do have lots of different coloured strap available on our website, including red and orange, and they are really easy to swap and change – have a look. Happy Time Teaching

  6. Kellie (verified owner)

    A fabulous watch to learn how to read the time.
    Looks so grown up on my now 6yr old son. He feels so important when we ask him what the time is.
    Great quality products with smart looks.
    Easy to read and did not take long for him to understand at all.
    Have purchased extra straps to be able to change the colour.
    Extremely happy with my purchase.
    Thank you for an amazing product!

    • Eve Horne

      Thank you for your feedback Kellie, good to hear your son has picked it up so easily – spread the word 🙂

  7. Caroline (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this watch, my son finds it easy to read loves the fact its waterproof plus looks great!

  8. Carolne (verified owner)

    I would highly recommend this watch! My son (8) chose this and he finds it really easy to read, loves the fact it’s waterproof, plus it looks good! So far keeps time too!

    • Sue

      Thanks you! Glad he likes his watch 🙂

  9. Mark (verified owner)

    This is a VERY cool watch for your child. I bought a second strap, there are loads of colours and my sone always has it on. Waterproof, stainless steel and on a NATO strap, what’s not to like. No brainer product.

    • Sue

      Thank you Mark for the lovely review!

  10. CJ (verified owner)

    Excellent watch – my son is already learning to tell the time with this watch. Really amazing. Excellent customer service too.

    • Sue

      Thanks for the review! 🙂

  11. kevin butler

    More of a question than a review, is this watch definitely waterproof, IE, can my granddaughter wear it in the swimming pool? thank you

    • Sue

      Dear Kevin

      Thanks for your question on our website about the waterproof watch. Apologies for being slow to reply – I only just noticed you’d left a comment. Yes indeed, the waterproof watch is guaranteed to 50 m depth of water (not that you’d want her to go anywhere near that deep). It’s fine for swimming, I’ve worn mine plenty of times in the pool. kind regards, Sue

  12. Sam (verified owner)

    Great watch, nothing comparable. We love that it matches our new clock too. You offer a range of straps to swap out different colours, it would be great if you could offer a couple of strap lengths (even if just in one standard unisex colour) as it would give the option for an adult to wear one and conversly there wouldn’t be so much left over strap on a little person. It’s really intuitive to get started with. It’s a shame someone gave you one star because they couldn’t work out how to scroll down on the page to view a price. In terms of the price. Despite how fantastic this product is I think £36 probably is the limit of how much I would have been prepared to pay for a children’s watch faith enough to only offer a 1 year guarantee. I do hope that it will last much longer than this. Thanks!

    • Sue

      Thanks for your comments Sam. We hope it lasts longer than 1 year too – with a moderate amount of care it should last years (and the battery is replaceable).

  13. Christine del Corral (verified owner)

    I purchased this for my 6 year old grandson who was given it as a reward for working hard during a particularly difficult year. It was given on condition that he would not wear it until he could tell the time – 2 days to be perfect and that was only because he had to go to bed (with it on his bedside table). He loves the green camouflage strap.
    Absolutely fabulous product. Will definitely be buying again for his sister, when her turn comes

    • Sue

      Thank you for the lovely review!

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