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EasyRead wrist watches use the same clear face designs and teaching methods as our clocks. Wearing a watch will make sure your child gets plenty of practice at telling the time. They’ll soon master this essential life skill and be proud of their achievement.

  • Battery operated

  • Water Resistant or Waterproof

  • Variety of strap colours

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Past & To Method

If you express the time as “8 minutes to 2” teach your child the past/to method.

  1. Read the number at the end of the long hand.
  2. Say which side the long hand is pointing to (past or to).
  3. Read the number of the end of the short hand.
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12/24hr Method

If you’re more familiar with saying “One Fifty Two” teach your child the 24 hour method.

  1. Read the number at the end of the short hand.
  2. Read the number at the end of the long hand.
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  • EasyRead Time Teacher
  • EasyRead Time Teacher
  • EasyRead Time Teacher
  • EasyRead Time Teacher

Your child can learn to tell the time in ONE lesson with an EasyRead Watch

The ideal first watch for children age 4+. With an EasyRead watch, your child will be able to practice their new time-telling skills everywhere they go.

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  • 30-day returns

  • 1 year warranty


  • What size are the straps?

    The watch straps are 16mm wide and 21.5cm long. They are designed to fit wrists from 12cm to 18cm in circumference. They can be adjusted to fit small children and adults.

  • What battery does the watch take and is it included?

    The battery type is SR626SW and it comes fitted with the watch. The watch and battery become operational when the small white plastic tab is removed and the crown is pushed back in after setting the correct time.

  • Are the watches water resistant?

    Our waterproof watches are rated to a depth of 50m. Our standard watches can withstand splashing but not total immersion in water. These watches should not be worn in the shower, bath or when swimming.

  • EasyRead Time Teacher

    Take their word for it

    Just add practice and a smattering of encouragement!

    This has been brilliant. My 6 year old daughter wears it proudly every day and loves telling us the time. Very simple to use and learn. Just add practice and a smattering of encouragement!

    - LP, 4th April 2019

    5 Star review

  • EasyRead Time Teacher

    Take their word for it

    I have put a EasyRead Time Teacher clock in each classroom.

    Not only can the children use them really effectively but they also look great. As a specialist provision it was really important that the clocks did not look childish. These clocks were better than I originally thought.

    - LS, 19 Oct 2018

    5 Star review

  • EasyRead Time Teacher

    Take their word for it

    Fantastic product.

    Love it! Fantastic product. Such an easy to understand face, labelled on one side as “past” and the other as “to”. Simple instructions had my wee boy telling the time within minutes!

    -TC, 13th Sept 2018

    5 Star review

Your Watch has

27 years of refinement

First design in '92

Inventor and founder, Roger Shackleton (winner of an Australian Design Award), brought this novel idea to life after having a tricky time teaching his daughters to use regular analogue clocks. Roger’s first designs were created back in 1992.

Launched in UK & Australia

Things really kicked off in 2011 when the business first launched on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. ‘Theme Time Australia’, as it was known then, was featured on the popular show ‘Good Morning Australia’. In 2012, Roger’s sister, Sue Shackleton, joined him to develop the business in the UK and Europe. EasyRead Time Teacher was born in 2013.

Going global

Today, our clocks, watches, games and classroom resources are available across Europe, Australasia and North America. We are passionate about making these skills accessible for every child around the globe, so you can now purchase our products from Amazon, eBay and a growing list of other outlets.

Proven by parents & children in 20+ countries worldwide

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