The perfect gift this Christmas!

They’ve written a list, they’ve probably checked it more than twice and now you’ve got the hard part of buying presents! What better Christmas gift for your little ones than the gift of time?  Our colourful clocks are perfect for children who are nearing school age. Learning how to tell the time is a daunting task for both parents and children. EasyRead Time Teacher can help you to prepare your child for school.

Our simple 3-step teaching system is effective for little ones but will also bring the whole family together in ways that makes learning fun and exciting. With silent ticking and a colourful face, the EasyRead wall clock is a perfect addition to your child’s bedroom.

We also specialise in wrist watches. The wristband will fit even the tiniest wrist and it’s removable so you can wash it when you need to.

Our clocks and watches are suitable for children 5-12 years.

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Look at our 3-step teaching system in action:

Make their first watch count…..

EasyRead Time Teacher watches really are a fantastic present to give to the important child in your life – the gift of learning to tell the time. Every child has to tell the time as part of their Key Stage 1 maths syllabus. Our wristwatches and clocks will make the process of learning to tell the time easy and fun.

The watches are perfect as a stocking filler. They’re comfortable and colourful, with a large clear face that shows the child everything they need to know to tell the time.  Our simple step by step teaching system means that anyone can help them learn.  The wristband will fit even the tiniest wrist and it’s removable, so you can wash it when you need to.

In addition, we also offer clocks for the home, or if you’re thinking about school we have a series of products perfect for the classroom. Our three step teaching system is easy to master, enabling the children to learn with very minimum input from the adults around them.

Take a look at our video below to see the system in action.

3 step teaching system wrist watch

Our customers are our best advert

Quotes from customers

Our greatest advert is our customers – which we have over 30,000 worldwide

“1 hour taught my kid to read the time. No more being woke up on a Saturday morning early to be asked if its time to watch tv.” Kevin W – Oct 2015

“My daughter learnt to tell the time in a day with this.” Jeff – Sept 2015

“Easy to read clock, my only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner” C – Aug 2015

“A great clock for helping children to learn to tell the time. It has a very cheerful and attractive appearance, and is divided into sections by colour, which helps to identify whether it is “to” the hour, or “past”. Definitely a useful purchase. A big plus, too, is that it is silent, and so if hanging on a child’s bedroom wall, there will be no background noise.” Morganite – Sept 2015

“Fantastic watch. My son (4) was able to tell the time within 10 minutes.”

“Excellent, looks good quality, strong strap, my daughter within a day, seems competent now with telling time, she said, “it’s the best watch ever”, great for the child that has little confidence in time telling.” Tanya E – Sep 2015

“I recently bought this for my 7 year old daughter who was struggling to learn to tell the time. She has cracked it within two days of wearing this watch. It is incredibly intuitive to use and the way it is set out and gives the child all the tools they need to tell the time using an analogue clock. I would definitely recommend and am buying them for my nephew and niece for their birthdays!” G Oct 2015

“Love this watch and have the clock already. Easy to understand and to teach with.” Amber H – Aug 2015

“A very good watch. Intuitive and fun.” Casey R – Oct 2015

“Bought this for my 5year old daughter and it is lovely, colourful, silent and of good quality. It has so much detail, minutes, seconds etc and the different colours make it easier to learn from as my daughter knows now the green side is PAST and red side TO. Great for girls and boys. Would definitely recommend!”

“Such a good watch so easy to explain how to tell the time” Lisa – Aug 2015

We have hundreds more reviews on Amazon and also from our international stores – you can feel confident that when you purchase from us our products are effective and will teach your child how to tell the time. Not only that they make the best kind of Christmas present.