EasyRead Time Teacher

A perfect first watch!

Learning to tell the time is a huge step for children. It allows them to take ownership of their day, understand the concept of time and makes them feel ‘grown up’.

Our wristwatches are the perfect first watch for children, with a colourful large face and a comfortable and removable strap – they will love it! With an EasyRead Time Teacher wristwatch a young child can learn to tell the time very quickly.

In addition, we also offer clocks for the home. Our two and three step teaching system is easy to master, enabling children to learn with limited input from the adults around them.

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EasyRead Time Teacher

Introducing EasyRead Time Teacher

EasyRead Time Teacher is a family business dedicated to helping children and adults overcome the problems encountered when learning to tell the time.

The business was started by Roger Shackleton, who is based in Sydney and is a winner of an Australian Design Award. Roger designed the ‘EasyRead Dial’ and the ‘Three Step Teaching System’ after finding it extremely difficult to teach his own children to tell the time using regular analogue clocks.

Roger’s business started in 2011 under the name ‘Theme Time Australia’.  In 2012 his sister, Sue Shackleton, who is based in Malvern UK, joined him to develop the business in the UK & Europe. EasyRead Time Teacher Ltd was formed in 2013.

EasyRead Time Teacher have expanded on the clock design and are now offering a range of watches and teaching resources as well as variations on the original clock design. Click here to look at all the products EasyRead have to offer. With over 50,000 worldwide sales and products available all over the world, EasyRead are growing rapidly and are trusted by hundreds of schools and thousands of families.

We couldn’t have done it without our amazing customers and distributors. Take a look at what our customers say about us.

If you would like to find out more about EasyRead or have any questions, please email us at [email protected].