time teaching resources

Getting ready and set for the new academic year with time teaching resources

Coaching children on how to tell the time is never easy, and educators often have to find new and exciting ways of teaching this essential life skill.

Most teachers will know that explaining how to tell the time can be a tricky task that leaves many pupils confused and frustrated, and will be on the lookout for anything that can make life easier both for them and the youngsters they’re schooling.

With the new academic year hot on the heels of August, getting the classroom set up is often a key priority at this time of year. Whether it’s colourful cues or engaging stickers, there are plenty of learning methods that appeal to children. One of the key time teaching resources we think should be in all classrooms for the 2017-18 academic year is our EasyRead Time Teacher Past & To Classroom Wall Clock.

This handy little number offers a simple three-step teaching system that’s based on the ‘past and to’ method, and has a silent hand that glides around the clock rather than ticking – perfect for the classroom environment where it doesn’t take much to distract children. You can use this clock in three easy steps, as outlined here.

If you’re a teacher yourself, you might be wondering what else you need to prepare for your impending return to school to go smoothly, and whilst we are sure you all have your own tried and tested back to school routines, don’t forget that when it comes to teaching the time, EasyRead Time Teacher are here to help.

Children often learn better when resources are used, whether it’s flashcards and pictures or videos and songs. At EasyRead Time Teacher, we’ve developed a whole range of time teaching resources that can help you teach children how to tell the time, why not take a look?

If you’re a teacher or work in a school and are interested in how we can help you teach children to tell the time, you can call us on 01684 566832, or email us here.