Christmas Gift Ideas from EasyRead Time Teacher

Why A Time Teaching Clock is the perfect Christmas present

With November firmly underway, kids around the country have started writing their lists ready for Father Christmas. And with an abundance of specific toys to buy, shopping can be an arduous task. Whether it’s a Hatchimals toy, a Luvabella Doll or a Paw Patrol Sea Patroller, you’re sure to be spoilt for choice.

Although shopping for the Christmas toy of the year might be a fixture in our calendars, sometimes the best presents are available all year round, last longer than a few months and offer a clear educational benefit.

Take our time teaching clocks and wrist watches for example – they’re fun, interactive, educational and last for years to come. Whether you pop a wrist watch in your child’s stocking or give them a wall clock, our products are sure to offer a welcome break to the norm this Christmas. What’s more, your little one can go back to school after the festive break with a clear head start on telling the time.

Despite time teaching now being a part of the maths curriculum, an EasyRead Time Teacher clock gives your child the chance to consolidate their learning at home. Additionally, our products make learning to tell the time an exciting process which keeps children engaged for longer – fantastic for a topic that many children find confusing and difficult to understand.

We haven’t just developed a range of clocks and watches, but have also created a set of fun teaching resources such as flashcards that make learning to tell the time an exciting and rewarding process – perfect for a stocking filler or tree present.

If you would like to find out more about the EasyRead Time Teacher methodology or discuss any of our products, please call Sue on 01684 566832, or email us here [email protected].


time teaching products

Why our time teaching products stand the test of time!

EasyRead Time Teacher was founded in 2011 and since then our time teaching products have helped thousands of children to learn how to tell the time.

Here we explain why our specialist teaching products offer the perfect tool for helping youngsters through the right of passage that is learning how to tell the time:

We believe that learning should be fun

We all understand how difficult it is to learn and adapt to something that we find boring or unengaging, and this is no different for children.

As standard clock faces can appear uninteresting, we put every effort to design educational tools that are bright, attractive and interactive. If a child is having fun, we believe this will only benefit interaction and engagement during the learning process.

Our teaching methods offer simplicity

We first developed our three-step learning technique back in 1992 and believe it to be the most effective teaching system available for learning to tell the time.

A large part of this success comes from the fact that our learning resources offer a structured and uncomplicated method for telling the time, one that gives the person who is learning a simple but effective learning experience.

An interactive range of teaching products

Our educational time teaching products come in a selection of timepieces that promote guided and independent learning for children.

Time Teacher Clocks are popular as they provide an excellent teaching aid and a visible daily reminder of the importance and structure of time. Our Wrist Watches and Alarm Clocks offer a highly interactive method of building a child’s familiarity with the concept of time and the responsibilities that are attached to it.

If you would like to find out more about our great range of time teaching products available in the United Kingdom, please contact Sue on 01684 566832.