EasyRead Time Teacher new website

EasyRead Time Teacher Launch New Website

At EasyRead Time Teacher our clocks are designed to offer an easy to use product, with clear navigation and easy understanding. This is also what we are now hoping to achieve with our new website design. With an entirely new layout, you can shop for time teaching clocks and watches without being overwhelmed by an alarming amount of product choices.

With a responsive and informative design, online shoppers can now enjoy a much better user experience!

How Will Users Benefit from our New Website?

Transforming our website with a clear, modern design allows easier navigation across the website. This will help you to find the products and information you are looking for with ease. It will also provide a more responsive, user friendly experience when visiting our website via your mobile phone or tablet.

While shopping for time teaching clocks and watches, you will fell less overwhelmed by the experience because we have reorganised our online product range, for straight forward shopping. Now you simply choose between watches, alarm clocks and wall clocks. The website will then guide you through the different styles and colours that are available to order.

Overseas Visitors

Website visitors from overseas can also benefit from our new website redesign. The website caters for audiences from across the globe, providing a localised shopping experience for all, so that everyone can benefit from effortless navigation and a clear product range.

Our new adaptable design will update your location and local currency as you enter the website. Therefore, there is no need to convert the price in your head or manually change your location settings.

Additional Information

If you are searching for additional information about the brand behind the product, this is also easy to find. Find all of our information on customer services, media and resources by scrolling to the bottom of our homepage.

You can also find our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links at the very top of our homepage. By following us on social media, you can stay updated on the latest news, product launches and events.

We are also available to answer any customer questions through direct messenger.

Start Browsing

With a much-improved website design we hope you will enjoy straight forward shopping and easy browsing. All of our products are available to purchase from our website, to help your children get started on learning to tell the time.

For any enquires please do not hesitate to get in touch with the EasyRead Time Teacher team at [email protected].