Welsh language time teaching classroom clock

Welsh Language Time Teaching Clocks Now in Stock

Last year, you may remember we launched a limited-edition Welsh language time teaching clock.  Well, our initial supplies dwindled incredibly quickly and due to popular demand, we can now confirm that we have more clocks back in stock!

Before we look at the clocks themselves, let’s remind ourselves why embracing the Welsh language is so important.

There have been a number of items in the news recently about the Welsh language, including:

  • The Welsh government is hoping there will be 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050
  • The number of children going to Welsh language schools (Welsh Medium schools) has more than doubled in the last 30 years
  • Welsh is a compulsory language for pupils across Wales in Key Stages 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • The BBC recently launched a second welsh language radio channel
  • Welsh was officially allowed to be used as the language of a debate at the Houses of Parliament, during a meeting of the Welsh Grand Committee recently

So, it seems Welsh is a language on the up, and with government initiatives to encourage more speakers and many pupils in Wales being taught in Welsh, there is a need for resources that will fit in with Welsh time teaching lessons.

Our Welsh classroom clocks feature our simple, 3-step time teaching system and are ideal for the classroom wall as they are silent – so no ticking to distract your students!

We developed our time teaching method back in 1992, and we still believe it the best way to teach children to tell the time, no matter what language they are learning in.  Our clocks are designed to be bright and engaging to make children want to interact and learn.

Orders can be placed online, so please click here to view our Welsh language time teaching clocks or call us on 01684 566832 for more information.

EasyRead at The Toy Fair

Thumbs Up to Time Teaching at the Toy Fair

Learning to tell the time is a vital ability and an essential part of early maths learning but getting to grips with this skill can be tricky for many children. At the Toy Fair recently, whilst exhibiting and generally having a huge amount of fun, EasyRead Time Teacher’s Sue Shackleton met up with an enthusiastic group of youngsters to see what they thought about our three-step time teaching system.

Step 1 – is to look at the long hand and see what number it is pointing to
Step 2 – is to look at which side of the clock this number is on – PAST or TO
Step 3 – is to look at the number at the end of the short hand

Then we put all three steps together to tell the time!

Our young audience got really involved and were even astute enough to point out that by the time we had explained our three-point system it was no longer 16 minutes past eleven but actually 17 minutes past!

Our alarm clock was a popular product with our young panel, especially the light up feature and even though some of our audience were too learned to give us the full thumbs up, (time telling had been part of their repertoire for several years), we suspect their parents may have greatly appreciated our products a few years ago when they were first learning.

It was our first time at the Toy Fair and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We would like to thank everyone who came along to our stand and spoke to us throughout the event, and thanks to the Toy Fair for making us feel very welcome.

For more information on any of our time teaching products on display at the Toy Fair please contact us on 01684 566832.