Four EasyRead Watches In a Christmas Box

Time Teaching Watches: The Ideal Christmas Gift for Children

Christmas is just around the corner, which means you need to snap up a special gift for your loved ones before it’s too late. Unsure of what to buy for them? Why not give the most precious gift of all; time.

Unlike the majority of presents given at Christmas, our EasyRead Time Teacher Watches will provide your child or grandchild with both a fun and educational gift, which they will undoubtedly cherish for a long time.

Thanks to our award-winning watches, which offer the simplest time teaching system for children, your little one will be able to reminisce in many years to come about the Christmas they learnt how to tell the time.

So, we’ve told you why our time learning watches make an ideal Christmas gift for children, but what are the finer details that make them so special?

Unique Time Teaching System

Endorsed by education professionals all over the world, our quick and effective formula aligns with what your child is learning at school.

Therefore, you can treat your child to one of our watches without the worry of teaching them conflicting methods of how to tell the time.

In addition to this, when your child comes home from school, you can assist them with their learning by using the watch to ask questions about the time. After all, practice makes perfect!

For grandparents, time teaching watches also present a great opportunity for you and your grandchild to bond over something that is going to benefit them immensely in the future.

Add Colour to Your Child’s Christmas!

Easy Read Time Teacher With Christmas Decorations

Another wonderful thing about our watches is that they come in a wide range of colours and designs to suit children with different tastes.

Our teach the time watches come standard with a Rainbow or Red & Blue Face, and with one of seven different coloured straps, ranging from Lime to Pink.

If your child’s favourite colour changes over time, you can easily customise their watch by purchasing a different coloured strap.

For those children who are obsessed with military and adventure, we also have a Camo version of the EasyRead Watch, which comes with a white or black face.

Waterproof Watches

Lastly, if your child is extremely active and you’re worried that they could potentially use their watch around water, you should treat them to one of our highly-durable Waterproof Watches.

With a stainless-steel case and an improved scratch-resistant glass, our Waterproof time teaching watches can be used at any time, anywhere.

Give your child a memorable Christmas this year by gifting them the opportunity to master an essential life skill in a fun and easy way.

To find out more about our watches, browse our collection or contact our friendly team.

Delight your Nieces & Nephews this Christmas

dZvPJQ0hQbP2xNmmMe0r4B-nKWh1ewu9BFeyCPj_t_kChristmas is a very special time for all the family. It’s a time when families get together and nothing is more enjoyable than seeing the look of excitement on your Niece or Nephew’s face while they rip open their Christmas gift.

Are you having difficulty shopping for the children in your family this Christmas? Our EasyRead clocks and watches are a brilliant and educational present. Children all over the world have loved taking ownership of their learning – it’s great to see children teaching themselves!

Our watches are perfect for children learning to tell the time. They are clear, colourful and stylish – your Niece and Nephews will love showing off their new watch to all their friends! And with our completely silent, colourful and simple face, our clocks are a great addition to any room. Perfect for children aged 4 to 11 years. No longer will children have to ask for the time, they can see for themselves!

Buy our clock here.

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We also have a number of free resources for little ones. You can download our popular clock face colouring sheet to keep the children in your family entertained this Christmas and New Year. Why not use it to count the hours till Father Christmas visits? Download here.