The perfect Christmas Combo

jlMq2KFl21aV_pbEI2Bh-Fyw38PNQ8xEaza5XX9-9o8Telling the time is part of the National Curriculum in Key Stage 1 and also an important life skill. As a parent, it’s only natural that you would want to prepare your child for this big step in their lives. EasyRead Time Teacher is the simplest and most effective time teaching system for children. Give your little ones a Christmas present that is fun and exciting but also develops important life skills.

The Christmas combo includes our famous EasyRead wall clock and wrist watch. Children love taking ownership of their learning and our clock and watch combo allows them to do this. Our wall clock is so popular that last weekend it was the fastest selling wall clock on Amazon UK!

With no irritating ticking keeping your little ones awake, our EasyRead clock is the perfect addition to your child’s bedroom. With a large clear face, strong strap and great design; your little ones will be telling the time in no time! Start the process with the clock and then really cement their learning with a watch. They will own the time and be able to practice any time of the day.

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“Now my 6 yr old son is learning time at school and he’s finding homework easy because of the help the watch and clock provided.” – Just one of our happy customers!