EU Customers – changes due to Brexit

European customers’ orders on this website are dispatched from the UK. Now that the UK has fully left the EU, this is how we are dealing with European orders:

  1. We no longer collect VAT from European customers. We have reduced the Euro prices on our website to reflect the fact that VAT is not included in the price you pay to EasyRead Time Teacher for our products.
  2. For most orders on this website, we use the postal system to send out your goods. The price we charge for delivery is based on the price we pay to the Post Office, exclusive of tax.
  3. We will provide a customs declaration for each parcel sent out of the UK, which shows the price you have paid for your products.
  4. Depending on the value of your order, you may incur extra charges from your local postal service to cover the cost of EU import duty and sales tax (VAT). In general, shipments valued below 150 Euros should not incur import duty. Most orders on our website are below this 150 Euro threshold. But you may be charged import VAT.  Import VAT is typically about 20% of the value of your order. If you are required to pay this charge, your postal service will request payment from you before they deliver your goods.
  5. EasyRead Time Teacher products are also available on Amazon in the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, USA, Canada, Mexico and Australia.  We are happy for you to buy our products on Amazon if it’s easier for you.
  6. Unfortunately we have had to stop accepting website orders from Eire, because the postal service has regularly failed to deliver orders to our Irish customers.  We suggest buying on for delivery to Ireland.

We are looking for a better way of dealing with any EU import tax and duty payable, so that our customers don’t incur extra charges, but we haven’t found a solution yet. We’ll update this guidance once we have a solution.