Tell the time clocks to help kids with maths

Tell the time clocks to help children with maths

When teaching your children the basics of maths, tell the time clocks are a great resource to start with. By helping them understand and explain time, these clocks can introduce your child to maths concepts in an engaging and accessible way that gets their learning off to the best start. If you are searching for resources to support your child’s learning, EasyRead is here to help with a range of time teaching clocks and resources. 

How do tell the time clocks support learning? 

Tell the time clocks are excellent tools for teaching children the basics of telling the time, which can also help them with their maths skills. Clocks are often one of the very first experiences that children have with mathematics, and with numbers in general. By learning to tell the time, children can develop the basic mathematical skills needed to understand the progression of time and the number sequence visible on all clocks. Our tell the time clocks clearly detail the 60 minutes of each hour, as well as the 12 hours of the daily cycle, giving children the opportunity to familiarise themselves with these numbers and their connection to each other, before they move on to developing their mathematical skills.  

These time telling skills can easily be adapted to teach children the basics of addition and subtraction, as they can use the clock to add and subtract by counting minutes and hours. For example, if it is currently 10 past the hour, you can ask the children to add five minutes, which is easily achieved on our clocks.  

Our tell the time clocks  

Our time teaching clocks can help children get a head start in understanding maths and telling time. Whether you have a requirement for a wall clock, an alarm clock for your child’s bedside table, or a watch to support their independent learning, our tell the time clocks are simple and detailed resources. We supply both ‘minutes past and to’ the hour, or ’12 /24 hour’ clocks to support you in teaching your child the time using a method that works best for you.   

Overall, our tell the time clocks are an excellent way to introduce children to the basics of time telling and maths. By making it easier for them to understand and practise telling the time, the clocks can help children build their confidence and learn the basics of maths in a fun and engaging way.  

World Maths Day 

As the world’s largest online mathematics competition, World Maths Day is a global celebration of mathematics and an opportunity for children across the world to demonstrate their mathematical capabilities. This year, World Maths Day will be held on Wednesday 23rd March and includes Live Mathletics challenges for millions of students to participate in. As an inclusive celebration, students aged 5 to 18 across the world will be able to access this free competition, as well as students learning from home.  

If you are interested in supporting your child’s early mathematical learning, and their time telling ability, ahead of this years’ World Maths Day, view our full range of tell the time clocks today 

best watch to learn to tell the time

Find your kids first watch or clock in our latest catalogue

From around the time your child starts school, they will begin learning how to tell the time. Not only is this a key part of their primary education, but it also helps them to grasp the concept of time and gives them confidence and independence. 

If your child or grandchild is starting school this year you are probably looking for a kids first watch or clock or to help them tell the time more easily and we’ve got just the products you need!

Download our latest catalogue to browse our range of tell the time wall clocks and watches, suitable for children from around 4 years of age. All of our products feature our simple time teaching system and can help give your child confidence as they learn this important skill. 

Best kids first watch to learn to tell the time 

The best watches to help children learn to tell time are those that make it easy for them to distinguish between the minutes past and to or the hours in a 12 and 24 hour format.   

With our time teaching watches you can choose from our ‘Past & To’ method or our ‘12/24 Hour’ method: 

best watch to learn to tell the time

Choose from a rainbow or red and blue watch face and make a choice from our selection of strap colours and your kids first watch is ready to go. 

For urban adventurers, or slightly older children who still need help telling the time but want something that looks a little cooler on their wrist, try our camo watches! 

our camo watches make a great kids first watch

Again, you can choose from our ‘Past & To’ or ‘12/24 Hour’ time teaching method to suit your child’s needs and pick either a white or black face and colourful camo strap. 

The time teaching shouldn’t stop just because you’re on holiday having fun, so upgrade your child’s time teaching watch to a waterproof one ready for summer splashing.  These scratch resistant time teaching watches are waterproof to 50 metres and come with a blue or purple strap: 

waterproof watches

If your child is fixated on another colour, that’s no problem as we have a range of additional straps to choose from. With 14 different colours, there’s a strap for every mood! 

Best wall clock to learn to tell the time 

The best wall clocks to help children learn to tell the time are those that clearly display the numbers so they can be easily recognised from a distance. Our wall clocks feature a clear dial, brightly displayed numbers and of course a choice of our two simple time teaching methods ‘ Past & To’ and ‘12/24 Hour’.

tell the time wall clock

We also have a range of alarm clocks to help children know when it’s time for bed and more importantly, when it’s time to wake up 😀. 

If you’re looking for the perfect kids first watch, or the best wall clock to help the whole family tell the time, download our latest brochure and get in touch with us if you have any questions. 


teaching time clock

Why a teaching time clock should be on your child’s Christmas list

We often talk about the importance of learning outside the classroom and we’re big supporters of resources that help children to develop their maths skills at home. After a very disruptive 18 months, children need all the support they can get to help catch up on those lessons they have missed and with Christmas on the horizon (yes, it’s coming!), now is the perfect opportunity to research educational gifts such as our time teaching clocks. 

Help the whole family stay on time 

Whilst our wrist watches have always been popular festive presents due to the fact they can be bought for a child who is learning to tell the time at school, a teaching time clock is a gift that the whole family can benefit from.  Hanging one of our clocks on the wall will not only support those children in your family who are learning to tell time, but they will also help younger children get used to the concept of time and looking at a clock, not to mention giving parents a clock face that can be easily read from a distance – priceless when all you get is a quick glance out of the corner of your eye to make sure the whole family is leaving the house on time! 

Perfect in any room 

A tell the time clock is a great accessory for your child’s bedroom but it can also be hung in the playroom, nursery, kitchen or hallway to ensure the whole family knows what time it is. Choose from our colourful rainbow face, striking red and blue face or plain white face to suit your home decor. Our wall clocks are 29 centimetres in diameter, made of durable plastic and take just one AA battery. They weigh 0.53kg, so are easy to hang and if you’re a multilingual household, you might be interested to know that our wall clocks are available in English, French and Spanish. 

Simple time teaching methods 

When you select the colour of your clock face you’ll also have a choice of our two simple time teaching systems: 

  • Past and To – a 3-step system that encourages children to read the number at the end of the long hand, point to either the ‘past’ or ‘to’ side of the clock face and read the number at the end of the short hand. 
  • 12 & 24 Hour – a 2-step system that encourages children to read the number at the end of the short hand, then the number at the end of the long hand and put them together. 

With regular practice, using a teaching time clock featuring one of the above systems, reading the time will become something your child does naturally and confidently. Please click here to find out more about our time teaching systems and watch our quick videos to find the right system for your child. 

A teaching time clock with no noisy ticking! 

One of the things we often get asked by parents is whether our clocks are too noisy for the bedroom. The answer is no, because they feature silent hands and therefore will not disrupt your child’s sleep.  

If a teaching time clock sounds like the perfect educational present for a child on your Christmas gift list, click here to browse our full range and buy now to avoid any last minute shopping panic!