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Spotlight on our children’s wall clocks

Are you a parent looking for some extra help for your little one as they learn to tell the time? With our full range of educational clocks, including our children’s wall clocks, we are here to transform the learning process into a fun and engaging activity. With their vibrant colours and educational designs, these clocks are made with all the information and support that a child needs to read the time, so join us as we explore how our clocks will improve your child’s abilities.

EasyRead children’s wall clocks

Many young children find learning to read a clock challenging as they are often confused by the hands and numbers, but mastering this skill early on in life is crucial as it gives them the skills that they need to manage their daily routines and independence.

For many, the numbers on a clock are their first introduction to numbers, and telling the time is the first mathematical concept that they encounter, so if you are looking to give your child the support that they need with their learning, then make sure to opt for our clear, child-friendly clocks today.

Here at EasyRead, we understand the struggles that young children encounter when first learning these skills, and we aim to make time-telling quick and simple with our clocks. So, what exactly does our range offer your child?

1. Our teaching methods

As part of our innovative design, we offer two EasyRead formats which allow you to choose the approach that best suits your child’s learning style and preferences, or your own if they have not yet learned a method.

The 12/24-hour format helps children understand the difference between morning and afternoon times, reinforcing their understanding of the daily passage of time and their own schedules. Alternatively, our Past & To method splits the clock into two halves, making it easier for children to understand minutes past the hour and minutes to the next hour. This intuitive design breaks down the complex concept of time into manageable chunks, ensuring that children can learn at their own pace, and with our clear, colour-coded dials and straightforward labelling of numbers, learning the time becomes an engaging and rewarding experience for every child.

2. Colour-coded segments

The face of each one of our clocks is divided into clear sections and features colour-coded segments that clearly distinguish between the hours and minutes. With distinct colours for each hour and minute zone, we have divided up every minute of the day and made it much easier for children to see the difference between hours and minutes, and therefore the relationship between these two measurements. This supports their understanding of time and helps separate it into quantifiable units that can be tracked and measured by following our methods.

Our clear dials therefore carry all the necessary information that children need to learn to tell the time, eliminating any confusion and reducing the need for additional intuition. Children can simply read the time and practice saying it out loud, making the learning process an accessible and straightforward experience that all young learners are able to master and enjoy.

3. Large, easy-to-read numbers

Did you know that conventional clocks actually contain very little useful information for children who are learning this important skill? The average clock design contains only 12 numbers, and hands which aren’t labelled as minute or hours hands, making the majority of these designs confusing or unclear for young children, and causing them to rely on their instincts or assumptions when reading the time.

With large, prominent numbers, EasyRead clocks ensure that children are able to easily see and identify the time, reducing confusion and enhancing their confidence. The gradual gradient of our numbers follows the movement of time, providing a further visual representation of the passing time, and our bold and distinctive numbers mean that children can quickly and accurately read their kids wall clock from anywhere in the room. This design feature supports children in developing their time-telling skills without frustration by encouraging them to practise often and reinforce their learning throughout their days.

4. Engaging and fun design

The bright, engaging, and colour-coded designs offered by these clocks are intended to capture the attention and interest of children in order to engage them in reading the clock. This turns the process into a fun and engaging activity, rather than a chore that has been given to them by their parents or school, and makes them much more likely to interact with the clock and learn.

Additionally, the silent, no-ticking feature ensures that even the most easily distracted children can focus on reading the time without confusion or distraction, and creates a calm learning environment for all those who engage with our designs. So, if your child is often scared by the task of reading an analogue clock, or reacts with panic when you try to teach them, turn the process into a stress-free activity and help them to concentrate by investing in one of our designs today.

5. Support for parents

If you are unsure of which teaching method is right for your child, then don’t worry – we are here to take the pressure off you with our EasyRead 2 or 3-step teaching methods. These intuitive methods are game-changers for parents, as they break down time-telling into simple, manageable steps that are easy for children to understand and follow.

For example:

⦁ Identify the minute hand and say the number that it is pointing to.
⦁ Say which side of the clock the minute hand is pointing to (past or to).
⦁ Identify the hour hand and say the number that it is pointing to.

All of our EasyRead clocks are designed to be quickly and easily read by using these methods and parents can confidently rely on this method to support their child’s learning. As the ideal first clock to help children learn to tell the time at home, our clocks also function as a valuable resource that can be used by the entire family, so make this new activity a shared, enjoyable family experience with our silent, battery powered clocks today.

Tips for Parents

Once you’ve decided on the best kids wall clock for your home, incorporating its use into your family’s daily routine is quick and simple, but it will have an immediate impact on your childs’ skills.

Start by placing the clock in a prominent location where your child spends most of their time, such as in the kitchen, living room, or playroom, and encourage them to use the clock during their daily activities. This doesn’t mean just reminding them to check the time every so often – rather, it means asking them directly to tell you the time throughout the day, or setting small challenges, like timing tasks, or playing ‘what time is it?’ games. You can also ask them to check the time when it’s time for meals, homework, or bedtime and contextualising the use of the clock in this way during their daily activities will reinforce their practical time telling skills.

No matter what activities you opt for, celebrate your child’s successes and continuous improvement to boost their confidence and keep them motivated to learn. Additionally, our full EasyRead range includes a wide selection of resources to complement our children’s wall clocks, including watches, games, online resources, and bedside clocks, so if you are looking to make the learning process even more effective, check out our full range today.

Our Telling Time Clock Range

With their specialist educational design, engaging design features, and supportive teaching methods, our children’s wall clocks make learning fun and stress-free for all children and their families. So, if you’re looking for an educational clock to support your child and improve their abilities, head over to our online shop and find the best telling time clock to boost their confidence and understanding.

best watch to learn to tell the time

Find your kids first watch or clock in our latest catalogue

From around the time your child starts school, they will begin learning how to tell the time. Not only is this a key part of their primary education, but it also helps them to grasp the concept of time and gives them confidence and independence. 

If your child or grandchild is starting school this year you are probably looking for a kids first watch or clock or to help them tell the time more easily and we’ve got just the products you need!

Download our latest catalogue to browse our range of tell the time wall clocks and watches, suitable for children from around 4 years of age. All of our products feature our simple time teaching system and can help give your child confidence as they learn this important skill. 

Best kids first watch to learn to tell the time 

The best watches to help children learn to tell time are those that make it easy for them to distinguish between the minutes past and to or the hours in a 12 and 24 hour format.   

With our time teaching watches you can choose from our ‘Past & To’ method or our ‘12/24 Hour’ method: 

best watch to learn to tell the time

Choose from a rainbow or red and blue watch face and make a choice from our selection of strap colours and your kids first watch is ready to go. 

For urban adventurers, or slightly older children who still need help telling the time but want something that looks a little cooler on their wrist, try our camo watches! 

our camo watches make a great kids first watch

Again, you can choose from our ‘Past & To’ or ‘12/24 Hour’ time teaching method to suit your child’s needs and pick either a white or black face and colourful camo strap. 

The time teaching shouldn’t stop just because you’re on holiday having fun, so upgrade your child’s time teaching watch to a waterproof one ready for summer splashing.  These scratch resistant time teaching watches are waterproof to 50 metres and come with a blue or purple strap: 

waterproof watches

If your child is fixated on another colour, that’s no problem as we have a range of additional straps to choose from. With 14 different colours, there’s a strap for every mood! 

Best wall clock to learn to tell the time 

The best wall clocks to help children learn to tell the time are those that clearly display the numbers so they can be easily recognised from a distance. Our wall clocks feature a clear dial, brightly displayed numbers and of course a choice of our two simple time teaching methods ‘ Past & To’ and ‘12/24 Hour’.

tell the time wall clock

We also have a range of alarm clocks to help children know when it’s time for bed and more importantly, when it’s time to wake up 😀. 

If you’re looking for the perfect kids first watch, or the best wall clock to help the whole family tell the time, download our latest brochure and get in touch with us if you have any questions.