EasyRead Time Teacher

Spotlight on our classroom resources

As the new term gets underway, we have been taking a look at some of the teachers who have been making good use of our time teaching clocks and classroom resources. All of our products are designed to support teachers with practical, specialist resources, and encourage children to enhance their learning with engaging activities and … Continued

learning clocks

5 ways to use learning clocks in the classroom

Whether you are introducing time as a concept to young children, or making sure that your students can understand time through real-world examples, learning clocks are an excellent time-teaching tool. Learning clocks not only help children tell the time, but are also an effective way to introduce maths concepts such as fractions, addition and subtraction.   … Continued

Tell the time clocks to help kids with maths

Tell the time clocks to help children with maths

When teaching your children the basics of maths, tell the time clocks are a great resource to start with. By helping them understand and explain time, these clocks can introduce your child to maths concepts in an engaging and accessible way that gets their learning off to the best start. If you are searching for … Continued

time teaching games to play at Christmas

Time teaching games to play at Christmas

Christmas is the perfect opportunity to spend time together as a family, so if you’re looking for an activity the children can get involved with that will also help them learn, try time teaching games. We’ve compiled a list of games you can play with children that are fun as well as educational. So gather … Continued