EasyRead Time Teacher new website

EasyRead Time Teacher Launch New Website

At EasyRead Time Teacher our clocks are designed to offer an easy to use product, with clear navigation and easy understanding. This is also what we are now hoping to achieve with our new website design. With an entirely new layout, you can shop for time teaching clocks and watches without being overwhelmed by an … Continued

rainbow time teaching watch with pink strap

New Year, New Time Teaching Watches

There has never been a better time to help your child learn to tell the time as we’ve just expanded our range of products.  Due to demand, we have increased the range of time teaching watches we offer, to appeal to your fashion-conscious little learners. New for 2019 are the following products: Time Teaching Watch … Continued

time teaching assistance dyslexic children

Time telling assistance for dyslexic children

Learning to read an analog clock is an important part of child development, but for many youngsters this can be a difficult and frustrating process. This is particularly true of children with Dyslexia, who can struggle to learn to tell the time easily when using a clock that has hands and numbers. Here we look … Continued

does your child struggle to tell the time

Does your child struggle to tell the time?

Telling the time can be a tricky concept and one that is not uniquely reserved for primary school children.  In May this year, telling the time made the national and international headlines when it was revealed that some teenagers can’t tell the time on an analogue clock.  Whilst we were a little surprised the problem … Continued

teaching time

Make Teaching Time Fun this School Holiday

For parents, they may come around too quickly, and for teachers perhaps not quickly enough, but here we are again in the school holidays.  Another break from learning might seem like a good idea to worn out kids, but many parents will worry that their children will forget what they have learned over the last … Continued

Welsh language time teaching classroom clock

Welsh Language Time Teaching Clocks Now in Stock

Last year, you may remember we launched a limited-edition Welsh language time teaching clock.  Well, our initial supplies dwindled incredibly quickly and due to popular demand, we can now confirm that we have more clocks back in stock! Before we look at the clocks themselves, let’s remind ourselves why embracing the Welsh language is so … Continued

EasyRead at The Toy Fair

Thumbs Up to Time Teaching at the Toy Fair

Learning to tell the time is a vital ability and an essential part of early maths learning but getting to grips with this skill can be tricky for many children. At the Toy Fair recently, whilst exhibiting and generally having a huge amount of fun, EasyRead Time Teacher’s Sue Shackleton met up with an enthusiastic … Continued

time teaching products

Why our time teaching products stand the test of time!

EasyRead Time Teacher was founded in 2011 and since then our time teaching products have helped thousands of children to learn how to tell the time. Here we explain why our specialist teaching products offer the perfect tool for helping youngsters through the right of passage that is learning how to tell the time: We … Continued