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Find the perfect clock for teaching time

Whether you’re a parent trying to support your child in their learning, a grandparent looking for an educational gift or a teacher sourcing the best resources to use in the classroom, you’re in the right place to find the perfect clock for teaching time. With many different products available, we’re here, as parents with experience of the time teaching struggle, to show you what features you need to consider when buying a clock to help your child learn this vital skill. 

The best size clock for teaching time 

We’re firm believers that there isn’t one size that fits all as some children will prefer to see a clock on the wall when learning to tell the time, whereas others will prefer a watch on their wrist to practise on the go. However, if you are looking for a teaching time clock for your walls at home or in the classroom, we believe our clocks are perfectly proportioned! 

Wall Clocks – Our wall clocks are ideal for use at home – in bedrooms, nurseries, playrooms and kitchens. With a diameter of 29cm they are the perfect size to be seen across the room, without taking up too much space. 

Classroom Clocks – our classroom clocks are a larger version of our popular wall clocks and have been upscaled to a diameter of 35cm to enable them to be seen by students across the classroom. With an ergonomic hanger and curriculum notes printed on the back of the clock, they are a really helpful resource for demonstrating time teaching in the classroom. 

Alarm Clocks – our alarm clocks are a great bedside companion for helping children practise telling the time before they go to bed and when they wake up. At just 12.5cm in diameter, these clocks are small enough to easily fit on a bedside table or nearby shelf and feature a built-in night light to add gentle glow to your child’s room. 

Outdoor Clocks – our wall clock design has been supersized and strengthened to create an outdoor clock which enables you to take the time teaching outside – at school, on the farm, at an activity centre or in the garden. Whether you use it as part of an outdoor lesson on a sunny school day, or place it where children can use it to practise their own time telling abilities, this 38cm diameter black and white weatherproof clock is definitely up to the job. 

A clear and easy to read face 

As with anything that is trying to impart wisdom and knowledge, the information should be clear and easy to read and we took these key principles on board when designing our time teaching clocks. Born from the struggles we’ve had as parents getting our own children to learn to tell the time, our clocks feature either our 2-step ‘12 & 24 hour’ or our 3-step ‘past and to’ time teaching systems. Each system is simple to grasp and with the colourful, bold designs of our clock faces, all children need is a little practice and telling the time will soon come easily. 

A clock that doesn’t tick! 

As an adult you might find the ticking of a clock in your bedroom quite soothing, but do you really want to risk putting anything in your child’s room that might prevent them from sleeping? If you’re worried about the ticking of a clock disturbing your child, make sure you choose one with silent hands. Our range of clocks all come with silent, sweeping hands, so you can confidently place them in any room without risk of disturbance.  

A teaching time clock that comes recommended 

We can’t stress enough that when trying to help your child learn, you choose tools that have been endorsed by professionals or at least recommended by other parents.  Our learning to tell the time clocks have achieved a number of awards over the years, including: 

our teaching time clock endorsements

You can also find out what parents and grandparents have to say about our products by reading our reviews. 

If you need help finding the right clock or time teaching system please do get in touch with us. You can contact us here, or connect with us on Facebook. 


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Find the perfect teaching time clocks and resources for your school or club

Telling the time is an important part of the KS1 and KS2 curriculum and anything that can make this learning experience easier and more enjoyable for children is welcomed by teachers and classroom assistants. We’ve recently launched our brand new catalogue outlining our teaching time clocks and resources for schools, so let’s look at some of the highlights. 

School clocks 

If you are looking for the perfect school clock for the whole class to use, look no further than our time teaching classroom clocks: 

school clock

Available in a choice of our ‘Past & To’ and ‘12/24 Hour’ time teaching methods and with a blue and red or rainbow face, these clocks are the perfect addition to your classroom walls. Ideal to be used in conjunction with our TwinTime learning aids, these clocks have a large, clear face design to be easily seen across the classroom. 

Playground clocks 

playground clocks

Learning doesn’t have to stop at breaktime. With our playground clocks, children can practice telling the time whilst they are outside having fun, helping them to understand the concept of when playtime starts and ends. These robust, weatherproof clocks, with their toughened glass lens, feature the same simple time teaching system as our classroom clocks for great continuity of learning. 

Teaching aids for telling the time 

time teaching resources

To make teaching time in the classroom more engaging we’ve designed these TwinTime classroom sets. Each set includes our popular time teaching classroom clock as well as teacher cards and student cards to enable students to practice their skills. 

Learning to tell the time at your club 

We also recognise that learning to tell the time is an important skill that can be developed in extra-curricular learning, at after school clubs and in the provision of private tutors as well as during activities at Rainbow, Beavers, Brownies and Cubs.  

Our wall clocks, outdoor clocks and TwinTime teaching aids are perfect for helping children to learn and practice telling the time as part of your out of school activities. 

Download our catalogue today to find the right teaching time clocks and resources for your school or club. 

We’re a family business dedicated to helping families and educators to make time teaching easier and more enjoyable. For over ten years we have been providing our products to parents, grandparents, schools and clubs around the world, helping to educate children and giving them confidence in reading the time. If you need any help in better understanding our products please get in touch with us. 

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Why a teaching time clock should be on your child’s Christmas list

We often talk about the importance of learning outside the classroom and we’re big supporters of resources that help children to develop their maths skills at home. After a very disruptive 18 months, children need all the support they can get to help catch up on those lessons they have missed and with Christmas on the horizon (yes, it’s coming!), now is the perfect opportunity to research educational gifts such as our time teaching clocks. 

Help the whole family stay on time 

Whilst our wrist watches have always been popular festive presents due to the fact they can be bought for a child who is learning to tell the time at school, a teaching time clock is a gift that the whole family can benefit from.  Hanging one of our clocks on the wall will not only support those children in your family who are learning to tell time, but they will also help younger children get used to the concept of time and looking at a clock, not to mention giving parents a clock face that can be easily read from a distance – priceless when all you get is a quick glance out of the corner of your eye to make sure the whole family is leaving the house on time! 

Perfect in any room 

A tell the time clock is a great accessory for your child’s bedroom but it can also be hung in the playroom, nursery, kitchen or hallway to ensure the whole family knows what time it is. Choose from our colourful rainbow face, striking red and blue face or plain white face to suit your home decor. Our wall clocks are 29 centimetres in diameter, made of durable plastic and take just one AA battery. They weigh 0.53kg, so are easy to hang and if you’re a multilingual household, you might be interested to know that our wall clocks are available in English, French and Spanish. 

Simple time teaching methods 

When you select the colour of your clock face you’ll also have a choice of our two simple time teaching systems: 

  • Past and To – a 3-step system that encourages children to read the number at the end of the long hand, point to either the ‘past’ or ‘to’ side of the clock face and read the number at the end of the short hand. 
  • 12 & 24 Hour – a 2-step system that encourages children to read the number at the end of the short hand, then the number at the end of the long hand and put them together. 

With regular practice, using a teaching time clock featuring one of the above systems, reading the time will become something your child does naturally and confidently. Please click here to find out more about our time teaching systems and watch our quick videos to find the right system for your child. 

A teaching time clock with no noisy ticking! 

One of the things we often get asked by parents is whether our clocks are too noisy for the bedroom. The answer is no, because they feature silent hands and therefore will not disrupt your child’s sleep.  

If a teaching time clock sounds like the perfect educational present for a child on your Christmas gift list, click here to browse our full range and buy now to avoid any last minute shopping panic!