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Get ready for the new term with our teaching time clocks

As students up and down the country return to school after Easter, now is the perfect time to stock up on the latest and best teaching materials for your classroom. As an educator, you know how important it is to have the right tools to help your students learn and stay on track, and with a variety of specialist designs and colours to choose from, our teaching time clocks are perfect for any classroom or teaching style. Our classroom resources, including playground clocks and card game resources, are perfect for daily use in a classroom and ensure that you have a consistent approach to teaching time. So, get ready for the new term with confidence and ease, and let our range of time-teaching products do the hard work for you.

Time Teaching Clocks

If you are planning on introducing your pupils to the concept of time this term, or building on their existing time-telling skills, then our time teaching clocks are an excellent resource for your classroom wall. Our clocks are specially designed to contain all the information that a child needs to learn how to tell the time, with easy-to-read numbers and colour-coded segments to ensure every student can access the resource from any part of the room.

View our full range of teaching time clocks here.

“The children found it so helpful to learn about which half of the clock shows past and quarter, including all the different intervals, because it is colour-coded! They also have these really cool children’s watches, which have the exact same face as the teaching clock, so I will definitely be putting this up in my classroom!”

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Twin Time Cards

Our TwinTime Student Cards offer an excellent and engaging opportunity for pupils to practise telling the time. Each card can be used individually, for a more formal test, or in groups to encourage pupils to support each other and are also an effective resource for introducing students to elements of the primary school numeracy curriculum. The cards are designed to be durable and long-lasting, as well as easy to maintain, with a high-gloss, write-on wipe-off PVC sheet, and ample room for the students to fill in the time displayed on the clock.

View our TwinTime Student Cards here.

“Easy Read Time Teacher has this amazing wall clock which I just absolutely love: it splits up the concept of time really simply and it’s a great visual for children to use. And I just love the student teaching aid that they can write on with whiteboard pens. I love the durability of this and it’s great for working through problems with children one-to-one.”

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Our EasyRead wrist watches come with the same clear face designs and teaching methods as our clocks, for a consistent and comprehensive approach to teaching time. Whilst many of your pupils will no doubt already have their own watches, having a designated classroom watch offers many opportunities for pupils to practise their time-telling abilities. For example, the pupils can take it in turns to be the class Time Monitor, who keeps track of their daily routine, or who the other students can ask to tell them the time, creating an engaging and practical time-telling environment that encourages all pupils to participate.

“Telling the time is a fundamental skill, and it’s so important to get the teaching of time right (..) I can’t wait to teach time, so I can use some of the great resources provided by EasyReadTimeTeacher. I can’t wait to have a time monitor, so that the children can all have a turn wearing the watch. I think they will love using it to tell the time.”

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Playground Clocks

Our range of Playground Clocks feature similar face designs to our classroom clocks and watches, reinforcing their learning with uniform designs that contain all the information they need to practise telling the time during breaks. The durable and reliable weatherproof clock can be used anywhere in the school, including outdoor spaces such as playgrounds, gardens and school entrances. The powder-coated steel frame with toughened glass ensures durability and longevity and is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, making our playground clocks a worthwhile investment in your students as they learn to tell the time themselves.

Stock up on Classroom Resources for this term

Now is the perfect time to stock up on the latest and best classroom resources for your class. Our range of classroom resources, including clocks and card games, are perfect for daily use in a classroom and ensure that you have a consistent approach to teaching time.

Find the right resource for your pupils and your classroom, or explore our range of resources for use at home, in our full range of time teaching products.

EasyRead Time Teacher

How to help children and adults with dyscalculia to tell the time

Learning how to tell the time can be a challenge for any child, or adult for that matter. As well as being a requirement as part of the primary curriculum, being able to identify time and understand time as a concept is an important part of a child’s development and growth. For those who have dyscalculia, learning how to tell the time is even more challenging, and often requires special accommodations or teaching techniques. It is often hard for parents and caregivers to know how to help a child with dyscalculia learn to tell the time, as the child will engage with clocks and numbers in a different way. Time teaching resources, such as our clocks, games and aids, can make a real difference to their learning, as well as supporting adults with dyscalculia.

What is Dyscalculia?

Dyscalculia is often referred to as ‘mathematical dyslexia’, and is a condition that involves difficulty with numbers or mathematics. The most common symptoms of dyscalculia include difficulty performing calculations, counting backwards and understanding place value, as well as weak overall mental arithmetic skills and difficulty remembering basic mathematical facts.

For those with dyscalculia, many daily activities involving numbers become difficult, such as addition and subtraction, paying for goods with cash, and telling the time. There are several practical ways that parents can help a child who struggles to tell the time due to dyscalculia, and one of the most effective is to invest in teaching products and techniques to use at home and in the classroom.

Many of these products can also support adults with dyscalculia who may struggle to tell time, as they are designed to simplify the timetelling process for people of all ages.

How to help a child with dyscalculia

If your child has dyscalculia, or is demonstrating symptoms of dyscalculia, or you yourself require assistance, then our time telling range offers fun and useful assistance in learning how to tell the time.


For many children with dyscalculia, the hand placement and basic design of analogue clocks can be very confusing. On almost every clock, there are only 12 numbers, meaning that up to 80% of the information needed to learn how to tell the time is missing. This places those with dyscalculia at an extreme disadvantage and makes telling time a difficult task for people of all ages. Our EasyRead clocks include a clear breakdown of all 60 minutes and can be read in 3 simple steps that can be learnt quickly and memorised for a lifetime, supporting those with dyscalculia from childhood to adulthood.

This will be particularly effective when teaching your child how to recognise numbers that are close to the hour. For many children with dyscalculia, 7:55 and 8:05 will be almost identical to 8:00, so our clocks reduce the confusion around these numbers and will make learning digital time much easier later on.

Our clocks also feature bold and colourful designs and easy to read numbers to encourage engagement. Visual models, as well as engaging designs, break down the wider concept of time and make it much more accessible and easier for people with dyspraxia to tell time by combining numbers and colours in straightforward systems.

Games and Aids

Educational and fun activities are always an effective learning tool, and children with dyscalculia respond particularly well to objects and games that make time telling simple and engaging rather than complicated. Our games encourage children to interact with time and numbers outside of the clock and makes learning time fun and engaging for anyone at any age!

Our games make the challenge of telling time rewarding, rather than daunting, and can be enjoyed during family time or playtime. Many children with dyscalculia often feel confused or embarrassed when learning to tell the time, particularly in school, and our games are a low-stakes alternative to tests or worksheets. If you yourself have dyscalculia, then these games will be an effective and fun way to improve your own time telling abilities whilst supporting your child.

Finding the perfect clock

When teaching young children with dyscalculia to tell the time, or interacting with an adult with dyscalculia, the best resource you can use is a positive and patient mindset. Finding a strategy and resources that work for your child will encourage them to tackle new challenges and boost their confidence when it comes to completing other number-related activities.

To find out more about the features and benefits of our EasyRead clocks, or to discover your preferred time teaching method, please click here.

teaching time clock

Find the perfect teaching time clocks and resources for your school or club

Telling the time is an important part of the KS1 and KS2 curriculum and anything that can make this learning experience easier and more enjoyable for children is welcomed by teachers and classroom assistants. We’ve recently launched our brand new catalogue outlining our teaching time clocks and resources for schools, so let’s look at some of the highlights. 

School clocks 

If you are looking for the perfect school clock for the whole class to use, look no further than our time teaching classroom clocks: 

school clock

Available in a choice of our ‘Past & To’ and ‘12/24 Hour’ time teaching methods and with a blue and red or rainbow face, these clocks are the perfect addition to your classroom walls. Ideal to be used in conjunction with our TwinTime learning aids, these clocks have a large, clear face design to be easily seen across the classroom. 

Playground clocks 

playground clocks

Learning doesn’t have to stop at breaktime. With our playground clocks, children can practice telling the time whilst they are outside having fun, helping them to understand the concept of when playtime starts and ends. These robust, weatherproof clocks, with their toughened glass lens, feature the same simple time teaching system as our classroom clocks for great continuity of learning. 

Teaching aids for telling the time 

time teaching resources

To make teaching time in the classroom more engaging we’ve designed these TwinTime classroom sets. Each set includes our popular time teaching classroom clock as well as teacher cards and student cards to enable students to practice their skills. 

Learning to tell the time at your club 

We also recognise that learning to tell the time is an important skill that can be developed in extra-curricular learning, at after school clubs and in the provision of private tutors as well as during activities at Rainbow, Beavers, Brownies and Cubs.  

Our wall clocks, outdoor clocks and TwinTime teaching aids are perfect for helping children to learn and practice telling the time as part of your out of school activities. 

Download our catalogue today to find the right teaching time clocks and resources for your school or club. 

We’re a family business dedicated to helping families and educators to make time teaching easier and more enjoyable. For over ten years we have been providing our products to parents, grandparents, schools and clubs around the world, helping to educate children and giving them confidence in reading the time. If you need any help in better understanding our products please get in touch with us. 

teaching time games

Teaching time games and resources to support your child’s home learning

Lockdown learning might have been fun the first time round, but the novelty is wearing off. Many parents are weary of homeschooling, and trying to juggle their own workload with supporting children in their learning. With the government announcing recently that it will be at least the second week in March before all children start going back to the classroom, parents need all the help they can get to make home learning easy. EasyRead is here to help – with a range of teaching time games and resources to complement what children are learning through their online lessons. 

When will your child learn to tell the time at school? 

Of course it will vary from school to school and class to class, but in general, children start learning about the time in Year 1, when they begin telling the time on analogue clocks to the hour and half hour. In Year 2 they will move on to telling the time in smaller increments – using quarter part and quarter to the hour and expressing time by drawing the hands on a clock face.  In Key Stage 2, children will move on to telling and writing time in 12 and 24 hours, using roman numerals and comparing time in terms of seconds, minutes and hours, before moving on to digital clocks. 

All of the resources and time teaching products at EasyRead have been developed by parents, for parents to help children who are learning to tell the time. They are endorsed by teachers and educational professionals as they support curriculum based learning, but also bring an element of fun – which of course makes the learning easier! 

Teaching time games  

Our Tell The Time Card Games are popular both at home and in the classroom and bring a competitive element to learning to tell time.  You can play snap, bingo or pairs to name but a few, and of course the whole family can join in.  Each pack contains 60 playing cards showing 15 different times of the day (4 of the same time), enabling children to have fun matching up and recognising the same time. There are also 2 levels of cards to choose from. 

These teaching time games are ideal for use in those ‘free’ lessons where children can choose an educational activity, or for after school fun with the rest of the family. 

Click here to buy our teaching time games – from just £10 per pack. 

Teaching time teacher and student cards 

Our TwinTime Cards have long been a popular teaching resource in schools. Made from high gloss write on wipe off PVC sheets, they enable teachers to configure the clock hands to a certain time and express in 12 and 24 hours or past and to format and for students to convert into the other on their own cards. 

Just because children are learning at home and not in the classroom, doesn’t mean you can’t take on the role of teacher and challenge children to write the time and practice their time telling skills.  

time teaching stickers

Make learning a rewarding experience with our Tell the Time Superstar stickers – free with every purchase of our TwinTime Cards this February!  

Free resources for teaching time to kids 

And for all those parents tearing their hair out over homeschooling, we have a range of free time teaching resources.  Here’s EasyRead’s Sue Shackleton explaining how they work: 

Please click here to access our range of free resources for teaching time. 

time teaching resources

Getting ready and set for the new academic year with time teaching resources

Coaching children on how to tell the time is never easy, and educators often have to find new and exciting ways of teaching this essential life skill.

Most teachers will know that explaining how to tell the time can be a tricky task that leaves many pupils confused and frustrated, and will be on the lookout for anything that can make life easier both for them and the youngsters they’re schooling.

With the new academic year hot on the heels of August, getting the classroom set up is often a key priority at this time of year. Whether it’s colourful cues or engaging stickers, there are plenty of learning methods that appeal to children. One of the key time teaching resources we think should be in all classrooms for the 2017-18 academic year is our EasyRead Time Teacher Past & To Classroom Wall Clock.

This handy little number offers a simple three-step teaching system that’s based on the ‘past and to’ method, and has a silent hand that glides around the clock rather than ticking – perfect for the classroom environment where it doesn’t take much to distract children. You can use this clock in three easy steps, as outlined here.

If you’re a teacher yourself, you might be wondering what else you need to prepare for your impending return to school to go smoothly, and whilst we are sure you all have your own tried and tested back to school routines, don’t forget that when it comes to teaching the time, EasyRead Time Teacher are here to help.

Children often learn better when resources are used, whether it’s flashcards and pictures or videos and songs. At EasyRead Time Teacher, we’ve developed a whole range of time teaching resources that can help you teach children how to tell the time, why not take a look?

If you’re a teacher or work in a school and are interested in how we can help you teach children to tell the time, you can call us on 01684 566832, or email us here.